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Russia thanks President Xi for attending ceremony

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BEIJING, May 10 (Xinhuanet) -- Before leaving for Belarus, Chinese President Xi Jinpingattended the victory parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two. He was in the presense of dozens of other heads of state and organizational leaders.Russian authorities and scholars praised him for his visit to Moscow and his presence at the ceremony.

"President Xi coming to Russia and attending the parade ceremony is very meaningful. His presence is a reminder to the world not to forget that China played an important part in World War Two. China and the Soviet Union were allies. They both paid heavily and sacrificed a lot for victory in World War Two," said Vladmir Portyakov, Insititute of Far East Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences.

"Russia is respectful of President Xi's visit. Russia has been through a tough time with complicated political issues. His visit to Moscow, at this special moment, shows that relations and friendship between the two countries are not affected by the global situation. Only the man with great wisdom, adequate political experience and courage can make this decision," said Aleksey Denisov, director of Russia and China: The Heart of Eurasia.

"This is a remarkable visit. It is an expression of respect to our victory, our country and the Soviet history. We are preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory overJapanese militarism, in which Chinese made great contributions for our common victory," said Gennady Zyuganov, first secretary of Communist Party of Russian Federation.